The Brain Behind the World’s Most Advanced Bumps Treatment System

Aloysius Onyeabo Anaebonam, a distinguished Nigerian figure, is the mastermind behind the world’s most advanced bumps treatment system.

Razor bumps, commonly linked to shaving, have for many years puzzled skincare professionals. The true cause of this skin condition and the most effective treatment remained elusive until one individual made a groundbreaking discovery concerning the biochemistry of shaving bump formation.


Dr. Anaebonam is an internationally acclaimed expert in skincare and razor bump treatment. In 1999, he was the pioneering scientist who identified melanin as the key factor contributing to the heightened occurrence of shaving bumps in individuals with black skin.

He not only clarified the biochemical pathways responsible for the formation of shaving bumps but also introduced a comprehensive ten-product line dedicated to treating and preventing the condition. Dr. Anaebonam holds 12 US pharmaceutical patents and co-authored a chapter in the “Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology” and the “Pharmaceutical Textbook, Tablets Volume II”.

With over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology sectors, his expertise encompasses formulation development, testing, analytical method development, quality control, stability testing, process development, manufacturing, packaging, validations, regulatory affairs, and business development.

His global footprint is notable, having collaborated with elite pharmaceutical and cosmetic corporations in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Germany, and Japan.

Born on June 25, 1955, in Udi, Nigeria, Aloysius Onyeabo is the son of George Nwoye and Maria Nneka (Ofoedu) Anaebonam. He moved to the United States in 1980 and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Nigeria in 1978. He later earned a Doctorate of Philosophy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1986.

His illustrious career includes roles as a research scientist at Pfeiffer Pharmaceutical Science Laboratories in Boston (1981-1986), product development scientist at Fisons Corporation, Bedford, Massachusetts (1986-1989), and ascending managerial roles at Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Billerica, Massachusetts, culminating as Vice President since 1996. Additionally, he has been a consultant at Al-Consult, Rochester, since 1990.


Dr. Anaebonam’s contributions have earned him recognition as a noteworthy pharmacist by Marquis Who’s Who.

A member of several prestigious academic and professional societies, he is associated with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Science, the Rho Chi Society, and the Beta Sigma Society at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Notably, he served as governor from 1976-1977 and later as chairman of the New England Chapter of the United States Society of Cosmetic Chemists in 1994, 1999, and 2009.

Among his patents are innovations like the stabilization of pentamidine isethionate solutions, calcium polycarbophil sprinkles, terfenadine oral powder, and extended-release acetaminophen particles.

On the personal front, Dr. Anaebonam is blissfully married to Nneka Chinyere Esimai Anaebonam.

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