Nigerian Books of Record is a compendium that celebrates everything positive about Nigeria. It was founded by Prof. David David, a distinguished Nigerian researcher. Unlike the Guinness Book of Records, the Nigerian Books of Record recognizes and immortalizes Nigerians who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields, bridging the gap between history and achievers in Nigeria.

The concept of the Nigerian Books of Record arose from the urgent and explicit need to unearth the hidden but glorious treasures of the nation’s past and present, which have long been buried beneath the sands of history.

The book serves as an essential text that fills a significant void in Nigeria’s pursuit of building a sustainable future. By providing a glossary and profound insights into Nigeria’s cherished past, the Nigerian Books of Record serves as a foundation for future nation-building, outlining polemic issues crucial for progress.

The book is beautifully adorned with colorful and captivating lines of bibliography. Its unique structure and exemplary prose make it a delightful read. It takes readers on a journey through a rich feast of lucid phrases, impeccably showcasing the countless and immeasurable contributions of Nigerian heroes.

The Nigerian Books of Record is a brand that features captivating imagery and explores topics that are clear, precise, concise, and enlightening. It creates an image that elicits a comforting sigh of relief and satisfaction from its readers. It is a work of art that embodies the richness of nature’s technical and heterogeneous endowments, as well as the positive fabric that envelops humanity’s social existence.

The book is meticulously crafted to focus on history and the need to establish an enduring legacy for future generations of Nigerians. It is thoughtfully packaged to project all aspects of Nigeria’s national life in a positive light. It recognizes and honors bravery, merit, integrity, and heroism in the nation’s hall of fame.

Furthermore, the book provides a basis for appreciating Nigeria’s forgotten yet enviable past and its golden present. It establishes a vital connection between the disillusioned public and the unsung heroes who have made significant sacrifices and achieved greatness while navigating life’s challenging terrain. It is an ornamental piece of art that captivates and intrigues readers.