The Nigerian Mathematician Who Invented the Theory Of Everything

Prof. Gabriel Audu, GAGUTIAN, GAGUT, Gij,j=0

Meet Gabriel Oyibo, the #Nigerian Mathematician who invented the theory of everything. He is a Nigerian – US-based Professor at OFAPPIT Institute of Technology and the University of Bridgeport. He took on the challenge to complete Einstein’s unfinished work on the theory of everything.


Prof. Gabriel Audu Oyibo is the brain behind “God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT)”. The Kogi state-born Mathematician completed his undergraduate studies at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (Northwestern Nigeria) before proceeding to obtain a PhD in Aeronautics and Mathematics from the Rensselaer Institute in 1981.   

His work at NASA was a stepping stone for his research of the “theory of everything”. Before his discovery there was this general question by mathematicians and scientists around the globe: “is there one mathematical equation called the theory of everything that explains everything in the Universe?”

Einstein’s Theory of relativity was believed to have answered this question to some extent, Einstein’s theory of relativity comprises two components: Special Relativity (relationship between mass and energy). General Relativity (gravitational force fields).

Einstein’s Theory had limitations, for example, Einstein believed there were more force fields and other physical phenomena beyond gravity which could not be explained by his relativity theory.

This limitation had led Einstein to begin the search for the theory of everything which took Einstein another 39 years of unsuccessful research.

In 1990, a Nigerian-based US professor by the name of Gabriel Audu Oyibo, a professor at OFAPPIT Institute of Technology and the University of Bridgeport took on the challenge to complete Einstein’s unfinished work on the theory of everything.

His research presented a solution to the Navier-Stokes equation and other mathematical problems. His equation which solved all known equations was tagged the equation of all equations or The God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT).

GAGUT is said to answer all the theorems about space, time, life, past, present and future.

GAGUT is represented by Gij,j=0 where

G= invariant of known and unknown forces,

i= invariant of space,

j= invariant of time,

,= transformation of space dimension,

0= invariant number that does not change the origin in the coordinate plane where all dimensions begin or come from.

It thereby unifies all of Mathematics into one equation.

The theorem states: All elements of the universe are controlled by a form of God or God’s spirit, thus proving the existence of a God. He further said that GAGUT is a unification of three factors which is God’s word.

The big explosion of the big bang theory and – The roaring water waves of Nun

These 3 factors have a common denominator which is “waves”. God’s words travel through wave medium, the big explosion is also heard through the sound wave and so are the roaring water waves.

The theorem has won Oyibo an African Prize Award for Excellence In Science And Technology of the Africa International Foundation for Science and Technology and a Nobel price nomination in theoretical physics although there is an unconfirmed report that Oyibo also won the Riemann hypothesis prize for solving the millennium Riemann hypothesis problem.

The GAGUT theorem has of course received citations from more than a thousand journals of Mathematics and physics worldwide.

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