Professor Jude Ogbeide Ediae

Founder and CEO of GYMHA (Global Youth Mental Health Awareness) in Australia.

Jude is recognized as a change agent and a staunch advocate for empowerment and accountability. He excels as a corporate strategy development specialist, often described as a visionary strategist and tactician. Jude boasts a consistent track record of delivering impressive results in areas such as growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability.

He excels at managing high-volume transactions and has a robust background in start-up financing, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate transactions.


Jude is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated, a charitable organization based in Australia. He’s also a Certified Mental Health and NLP Practitioner, an award-winning entrepreneur, a leadership expert, and an international speaker.

With 30 years of leadership experience and over a decade in the mental health sector, Jude has actively participated in global youth mental health events spanning countries like Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. His expertise lies in organizing global mental health events, offering telephone and online counselling, and conducting seminars and workshops. His programs primarily aim to foster compassionate global communities and workplaces, particularly emphasizing youth support services. Jude is deeply committed to understanding the nuances of youth mental health, wellbeing, gender balance, and the impacts of drugs and alcohol. He also ensures the provision of appropriate resources and support.

Jude, a high-caliber executive, delivers swift results through comprehensive analyses. He maintains a sharp focus on solutions that ensure shareholder profitability, especially during challenging investment decisions. His innovative ideas, marketing strategies, and keen awareness of current trends make him a pivotal asset in corporate transformations.

His competencies encompass financial plan development, product development, turnaround management, invention, patent filing, recruitment, coaching, counseling, and various others. Additionally, he facilitates student support services such as accommodation, airport pickups, and liaising with universities to offer welcome events and financial aid to students in need.

Jude is also the Owner and Director of Jobhib International Enterprises, which provides services in migration, education, training, and employment. Registered in both Australia and Nigeria, this business, established in June 2016, collaborates with various RTOs, governmental, and non-governmental employers to uplift Australians and promote quality education globally.


His academic accolades include a B.Sc. in Psychology, an MBA in HR, and an array of other diplomas and certifications from esteemed institutions. Professionally, Jude is affiliated with several organizations, such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the International Leadership Training – ICCRS.

His honors encompass awards like the eYs Magazine 2021 Media Award and several honorary degrees in fields ranging from Counselling Psychology to Educational Psychology.


Jude’s expertise spans mental health, counselling, strategic planning, executive office management, human resources, budget management, quality assurance, customer relations, fundraising, multicultural awareness, and numerous other domains.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jude is an ambassador for several humanitarian and community-building initiatives.


Jude epitomizes goodness. He is adept at program coordination, new business opportunity development, and empowering diverse communities. His roles have seen him manage crisis care programs, facilitate community-building initiatives, provide career guidance, and lead student support initiatives.

Jude’s volunteer history is rich, from the Victoria Multicultural Commission to Swinburne University in Australia.


Jude wears many hats, mirroring global changemakers. His roles include Founder and CEO of GYMHA, Owner Director of JOBHIB International Enterprises, Trained Mental Health Practitioner, and a multitude of other designations and affiliations.


Jude’s continuous professional growth is evidenced by his participation in programs such as the New Emerging Community Leaders Program, various healthcare trainings, and the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Leadership Training Course, among others.


Jude’s certifications include Mental Health First Aid, memberships with renowned institutes like the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Swinburne Alumni, and several others.


  1. Prof. Jude is a legend. His profile is robust and his contribution to the world of mental is spectacular. I honour and celebrate him.

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