Nigerian Books of Record Breakers & Legends

Edited by Prof. David David

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Category: Reverence Book

Published: Nov 10, 2022                     

Words: 120,000               

Language: English

About The Book

According to Shakespeare, Some were born great, while others had greatness thrust upon them. I am not sure where these wonderful Nigerians we have featured in this book (Nigerian Books of Record Breakers & Legends) belong to in the Shakespearean greatness chart but when you buy this book, we will like you to figure that out. One thing remains unambiguous; they may belong differently but are great all the same.

It is true, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa – but Nigeria is not a nation that excels only in numbers! We have abundance of talent and brilliance; many Nigerians have made a name for themselves far beyond its borders. From music and literature to sport and modelling. From Science and Technology to Business and Entrepreneurship etc. Nigerians have excelled in all professional callings in life.

That is what this book is all about. The dairy of greatness and great Nigerians who have successfully sailed through the storms to the shore to inspire the rest of us.

The Nigerian Books of Record Breakers & Legends is a compendium of history, records, events and great icons of hope in all the facets of Nigerian national life.

About The Editor                                  


Prof. David David, Communication and Information Director/Board Member at the Global Youth Mental Health, Australia, GYMHA | Special Board Adviser at YYCI Global Leaders, UK. | Founder/CEO at Nigerian Books of Record, Nigeria | Founder/CEO of Rekordbreakers Mobile App. | Founder/CEO, READS Campaign Africa | President/Chairman, Books of Record Group.


Prof. David David, is a Nigerian multipotentialite. As a writer, his works range from fiction (poetry, plays and novels) to nonfiction. He is one of the most prominent voices attracting a new generation of readers to African literature with scores of literary works to his credit.

Prof. David David is the Founder/CEO of Nigerian Books of Record Research Center, the sole researcher of Nigerian Books of Record, NBR.

The NBR was conceived to promote and support the Government in laundering the Nigerian image, by celebrating Nigeria’s excellent records in other to drive the campaign of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture and National Orientation Agency, NOA of attitudinal re-orientation among Nigerians.

Nigerian Books of Record as a literary work is published by Books of Record Nigeria Limited. It is updated and revised yearly.

The NBR is used as reference material for students and lecturers in all Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. Over the years, the NBR grew into a global brand and inspired the publication of the 36 Nigerian States Books of Record.

Prof. David is the Founder/CEO, READS Campaign Africa. READS is an acronym for Record Breakers Educational Series. However, READS Campaign is aimed at ending child molestation and fighting for the rights and well-being of children, through short and educative novels, plays and poetry that offers a timely solution to environmental and societal crimes committed against children; especially the girl child and young adults.

The cause of the campaign is championed with the creation and promotion of educative stories that emphasizes on children’s right to education. So far, over 20 titles have been making waves under the umbrella of the READS Campaign with the aim of putting the READS titles in every home. It is targeted at young adults and serves as a modern medium to sensitize the society, create awareness and inform the public on the need to get the 70% of the child population off the streets into the classrooms.

Prof. David David is also the Founder/CEO of Rekordbreakers Mobile App, Nigeria’s leading distributor of indie ebooks. A digital platform with track record and an amazing history of providing digital distribution and marketing services of ebooks and books in print for authors, publishers and literary agents. He is the Chairman of Books of Record Nigeria Limited, the publishers of Record Breakers Educational Series, READS, Nigerian Books of Record, NBR, and the 36 Nigerian States Books of Record.

He is the President/Chairman of Books of Record Group. The parent organization that powers Books of Record Nigeria, Books of Record Africa and Books of Record World, an organization that document, celebrates and honors the remarkable achievements and excellent records of impact makers, record breakers and change agents around the world. 

Prof. David is the convener of Nigerian Image Revolution (NIR); a coalition of pro-democracy group and individuals with a clear mandate to launder the international image of Nigeria through the celebration of Nigeria’s best, promotion of political knowledge, and participation of the Nigerian citizens in governance. He is one of the few championing the cause for a new Nigeria and the reformation of the black image as a whole.

He was born in his hometown, Akai Ubium in Nsit-Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He attended Salvation Army Schools, Akai Ubium for his primary and secondary education, before sailing out of his little community for further studies. He holds a Ph.D. from the prestigious Shield of Faith Bible College, California USA. He was appointed, Communication and Information Director at the Global Youth Mental Health Organization in Australia in 2020. In 2023, he was appointed a Special Board Adviser at the YYCI Global Leaders in the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of several professional bodies and a country representative for WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN RIGHT AND PEACE.

In 2022, the eminent researcher who is also the founder of the first Nigerian encyclopaedia of indigenous records earned four honorary professorial awards from prestigious academic facilities in the US, Croatia, India and Nigeria, ten honorary doctorate degrees from different institutions around the world and eight ambassadorial awards from credible establishments.

The awards came in appreciation of his 2022 #nbrnationaltour, where he toured states in Nigeria, universities, and academic facilities both inside and outside the country with the sole aim of exhibiting his research collections and establishing indigenous research collaborations.

Professor David contributed to the establishment of indigenous record-keeping culture in several universities, academic facilities and institutions where these records have been swept away in his professional career as a credible researcher.


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