Made-in-Nigeria 100% electric bus that also uses solar panels while in motion

A #Nigerian man Mustapha Gajibo completes his Made-in-Nigeria 100% electric bus that also uses solar panels while in motion.

Go and Verify: 12 seater, 212km range on one charge, 110km/hr speed, fully air-conditioned, voice command system, built using 65% locally sourced materials.


Mustapha Gajibo is a young man based in Maiduguri, Borno State. He is an automobile engineer who specialises in revamping internal combustion engines(ICE) into battery-powered, electric-powered and solar-powered commercial buses and tricycles. Not only that, but they also convert old engines of cars into LPG generators.

This innovation has been patented by Phoenix Renewables Limited where Mustapha is the Founder and Managing Director. His works and inventions which attracted the attention of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo and the Director-General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Jelani Aliyu have triggered a visit to him.

On a visit to his manufacturing factory, it was discovered that Mustapha’s work is not limited to just putting battery packs into ICE vehicles as he has taken a step further to producing his own electric 12-seater buses from scratch.

This confirmed a tweet he made with his official Twitter account, where Mustapha said, “We have moved a step forward from electrifying buses to full design and fabrication of electric buses locally in Maiduguri, Nigeria. When completed, it will be a 12-seater fully air-conditioned smart electric bus that can cover a range of 200km on one charge. 

Endless possibilities… With this piece of technology, we reduced the cost of transportation within our city even though pump prices soar across the world. Endless possibilities.”

Talking about the capacity of the vehicles, these electric-powered buses would be able to go 200-km on fully charged battery packs. And to remove the charging anxieties, these electric vehicles can be fully charged in 35 minutes using solar-powered charging platforms.

In addition, it was gathered that these electric vehicles are equipped with all kinds of technology including the ability to track.

This is another laudable feat on our own.

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