“I’m Proudly Nigerian” Conference and NBR Hall of Fame

Reviving Nigeria's Global Image

In the eyes of the world, our beloved country is nearly universally seen negatively. In some cases, identifying as a Nigerian in the Diaspora might be construed as courtship with instant banishment from new relationships or even old ones. Sadly, the negativity’s persistent tongue continues to wag, leaving mountains of false stereotypes in the path of Nigerians going about their legitimate hustle abroad.

The Nigerian Books of Record Research Center is eager to dispel misinformation by assembling a vast archive of Nigeria’s beneficial contributions to humanity.

A two-day Global Image Revolution conference with the theme “I’m Proudly Nigerian” will be held by NBR Research Centre in an effort to evaluate Nigeria’s success in the fight against its negative international perception and to create a plan for the future.

The event is scheduled to take place in London and the induction of deserving #Nigerians into the NBR Hall of Fame has begun as a countdown to the Conference in London. It will be a platform where we will be showcasing our true selves to the world as a people and a country


  • Featuring of NBR inducted legends
  • Nigerian Music, cinema, and art exhibition Symposium lectures
  • NBR Awards

If you have a true Nigerian success story to share on our platform to inspire others to be proud of their Nigerian Identity, send your story to Induction@nigerianbooksofrecordofficial.com

If your tale is accepted, you will receive a special invitation to speak on the main stage at our event in London.

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  1. This is a good initiative that will, no doubt, go a long way in helping to change the negative narratives about Nigeria and Nigerians.
    In other words making them know our important we can be in developing the economy of their country, thou our lovely country is seen as one of the corrupt country but can also help in problem solving.
    I will love to tell my Nigeria success story on the main page In London.

  2. Thank you Nigerian Books of Record Team for accepting my success story. I saw the letter of acceptance today. Please how do I proceed to apply for my VISA?

    • Dear Role Juliana,

      Kindly call or chat up the phone number on your letter of acceptance to start up a conversation with our official agent.

      He will guide you through the VISA process. Congratulations 🎆

      Kind regards


  3. Dear NBR,

    Thank you for accepting my Nigerian Success Story and sending me an express invitation to speak at the NBR National Conference holding London.

    I will approach the British Embassy to begin the VISA process with my letter as instructed and get back to you for necessary advice and further instructions.

    Thank you

    • Dear Mr. Ikpete,

      Your story was so compelling and thrilling. The screening committee chairman expressly hand-picked you for the fourth coming NBR conference holding in London due to the relevance of your experience and how it will affect other Nigerians positively.

      As for your VISA application, the letter in your hand will introduce you at the Embassy.

      Follow up with our protocol team on the phone number in the letter for any assistance or advice.

      Congratulations 🎆



  4. This website is so rich 🤑

    The whole NBR idea is so clear!

    The reason for the conference is so timely!

    This is entire project is a National Pride 😤

    There is nobody who hat truly love this country or mean well for Nigeria, that will not buy into this!

    The founder of this initiative deserves an appointment with the Federal Government on image and branding of this country.

    This country needs further rebranding at least for those of us in the Diaspora… God bless the memories of my sister, Dora Akunyili.

    I love this effort and it should be encouraged by both Government and the Private Sector.

    Please, how can one contribute or support this course financially in USD?

  5. When are you guys coming to America? A lot needs to be done in the United States to revive the poor image of Nigeria here especially with Husppopi in American prison.

    This kind of conference showcasing the best of Nigeria will go a long way to correct the wrong perception of who Nigerians truly are.

    • Dear Mr. Anthony,

      Thank you for asking. There are plans on the way to have an NBR conference in America.

      Thank you


  6. This idea is so powerful for what Nigerians are experiencing abroad.

    Here’s my story

    I use to live and school in South Africa. All of a sudden, Xenophobia came and shattered my dreams.

    I relocated to UAE before I could get my ID, things got worse for Nigerians.

    The UAE government put out laws and policies that enable the cops to do whatever they like to Nigerians.

    When the hates and risk became too much because I couldn’t do my ID, reasons being that, I left SA as a victim of war.

    So my family advised that I should leave. I left and returned back to Nigeria.

    I stayed at home for two good years before I got another admission again to read Medicine in Canada. I came here and started all over again.

    Don’t forget I was in year three reading medical records in SA. Can you imagine!

    I’m currently doing my internship in a public health facility here in Canada. I thank God for my life.

    That’s my story.

    I don’t mind coming down to the UK to share this story in detail on your stage in London.

    I support this innovative idea with my full chest because I’d been a victim of Nigeria’s bad image.

  7. This is a great idea to reinvent our image in the UK what of Western Europe? I live in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

    I will like this kind of event to happen in Germany. Infact, it should be a global initiative happening everywhere. Most of my German colleges holds bad opinion about Nigerians. I will like them to see the best of Nigeria some day.

    • Dear Miss Anne

      Thank you for your feed back. We are already in Germany. Our Germany event will be coming up soon. Get ready!

      Thank you


      Sehr geehrte Frau Anne

      Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung. Wir sind bereits in Deutschland. Unsere Deutschland-Veranstaltung steht bald an. Bereit machen!



    • Dear Uncle L,

      Thank you for your interest in the event. The event will be coming up in the 26th of December.

      Kind regards


  8. I’m interested and I live in the UK. Nigerians are considered one of the most misunderstood people in Africa here in the UK.

    When I came in here in 2019, I couldn’t get an agent then. I later discovered, it was because they couldn’t trust me as a fresh Nigerian immigrant.

    Many people here believe that Nigerians are all involved with internet scams but this is not true.

    Most internet scammers from Togo, Ghana even Indian simply prefer to use Nigeria and Nigerian identities in their schemes.

    Programs like this will make the world know that there are credible and responsible Nigerians. For instance, I’m a successful footballer here in the UK and not a fraud star. I would like to tell my story too.

  9. This is a good initiative that will, no doubt, go a long way in helping to change the negative narratives about Nigeria and Nigerians.

    We just need initiatives of this nature to keep telling the good stories about Nigeria and Nigerians, using every available platform at home and in the Diaspora.

    Keep the flag flying, Nigeria go better.


    • Dear FnbR Holder,

      We recognize your warm presence here as one of the Nigerian Books of Record Hall of Famer!

      We celebrate you!

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Warm regards


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