Her Supreme Majesty Amb. Dr. Yeye Lara Fashola

Custodian and Promoter of Yoruba Culture and Tradition

Her Supreme Majesty, Ambassador Dr. Yeye Lara Fashola, a distinguished daughter of Lagos in southwest Nigeria, has ties to both Benin and Ile-Ife. She has experienced multiple rites of passage as a Muslim, Christian, and Olokun priestess. Yeye Lara has become a custodian and preserver of African heritage. Born into the renowned Fashola family of Isalegangan, Lagos Island, she is a woman of multifaceted honor. She is a wife, mother, priestess, intellectual, entrepreneur, politician, role model, feminist, activist, egalitarian, trailblazer, and devoted philanthropist.

Descended from the Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi—the 48th ruler of the 3rd Ife Dynasty—royal blood courses through Yeye Lara’s veins. She also hails from the Great Benin Kingdom. The entrepreneurial spirit she embodies owes in part to the legacy of her maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Augustus Adu, who transformed the confectionery business in colonial Nigeria. This blend of esteemed lineages manifests in her graceful demeanor and her achievements as a maritime lawyer, custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition, and accomplished businesswoman in both the maritime and healthcare sectors.

She serves as a Cultural Ambassador with the African Union Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), is a Fellow at the Federal Institute of Tourism Professionals, and acts as the Grand Matron of both the Southern Youth Association of Nigeria and YOMAFA—a platform celebrating Yoruba individuals’ achievements in various domains. The Benin Kingdom recently honored Yeye Lara with the title Oluase Olokun Agbaye, comparable to a high-ranking priestly position in any religion. Furthermore, she was recognized as Yeye of The House of Basea, a conglomerate in the USA.

Globally, the high priestess holds numerous traditional titles. As she is seen as a motherly figure by many worldwide, she also holds various honorifics, including Oluase Olokun Worldwide, Yeye Olokun Olosa, Yeye Bobagunwa Akinlalu, and many more.

An influential figure in Nigerian politics, she is a valued member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), making significant contributions to political education and mobilization. Committed to knowledge dissemination, Yeye Lara dedicates time to educate people, especially black Americans, about Yoruba spirituality.

Recent appointments include her role as the South West Commander of the Peace Marshals of Nigeria, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Matron of the Police Community Relations Committee in Abuja. With a philanthropic heart, she founded the Olokun Foundation, which supports women and children throughout Africa. Aside from the qualities mentioned above, her love for humanity drives her to engage with individuals across societal strata.

Throughout her journey, she has earned numerous awards, including the recent African Icon Award, Eko Cultural Ambassador, and the Oduduwa Special Recognition Award. It’s clear that Olodumare and the deities channel wonders through Yeye Lara Fashola, as evidenced by countless testimonials from around the world. She annually hosts the Olokun Festival in Lagos, drawing large numbers of tradition and culture enthusiasts globally.

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