Winner of the global Mathematics Championship

Faith Odunsi, a Nigerian teenager, is placing her country on the map after winning the Global Open Mathematics competition

Faith Odunsi

Here is the winner of the global Mathematics championship, Faith Odunsi, a 15-year-old #Nigerian and a final-year secondary student who gained international fame after she ‘thrashed’ contestants from Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. She has earned a US scholarship.


Faith Odunsi, a Nigerian teenager, is placing her country on the map after winning the Global Open Mathematics competition. She outscored competitors from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States to win with 40 points, with the second runner coming in second with 10 points.

Odunsi won $1000, which she will receive in an official ceremony soon. The 15-year-old is a final-year high school student at Ota Ogun State’s Ambassadors School, and her father is a medical practitioner while her mother is a businesswoman.

Her parents are overjoyed with her victory, and she claims to have inherited her father’s mathematical genes.

Speaking with PUNCH, the whiz admitted that the first stage of the tournament was the most difficult for her, because she was unfamiliar with the computer-based test (CBT). She scored 66 points in both the first and second CBT rounds, then advanced to the quarter and semi-finals held on Microsoft teams, acing that round as well.

Odunsi stated throughout the tournament that she did not consider herself a winner until she answered more questions correctly in the final round. “My heart raced, but I felt relieved,” she explained.

Odunsi didn’t want her tournament preparations to interfere with her normal classes. “It takes a village to raise a child, is not simply an African saying, but also a viable notion.”

With the assistance of her teacher, the high school student prepared for the tournament. After regular lessons concluded, he coached her.

As the competition date approached, she devoted more time to preparation, including studying late at night from 11 p.m. to midnight.

The Global Open Mathematics competition is just one of the numerous tournaments in which the young prodigy has competed. She has competed in the national Olympiad since she was in junior high school, among other things.

“I have also taken part in Kangourou Sans Frontieres, South African Mathematics Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition, and Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad. For the national Olympiad, I was made the Queen of Mathematics from JSS3 to SS2.

“For the South African Mathematics Olympiad, I got medals. I got a silver medal in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad in 2019. I was also made an ambassador of my school.”

Many young girls are afraid of maths, but not Odunsi.

Although she is interested in information and communications technology, she stated that mathematics is her favourite subject.

She stated that math is all about grasping the topic and then applying the formula to other problems. According to her, “It is all about using your brains and basic logical reasoning.”

Odunsi is still a teenager who enjoys doing things other than studying and competing. She claims that her academic work has little effect on her social skills, and she enjoys athletics as well.

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