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In Nigeria, our research center is dedicated to driving attitudinal re-orientation among Nigerians through a platform of creative research, innovation, and discovery. The administrative and operational structure of the center is robust. The Director General, who also serves as the CEO, oversees the entire organization and seeks advice from the Nigerian Books of Record Supreme Council. This council, which includes legal experts, serves as the highest decision-making body within the organization.

The mandate of the NBR Supreme Council includes formulating and reviewing policies, evaluating and recommending conference and research proposals, monitoring and evaluating the activities of research clusters, and assessing the research output of the center in relation to funding levels. The council also reviews research findings for patent and copyright applications before submitting them to the relevant authorities. Additionally, the Supreme Council advises the Director General on contemporary research that holds societal and governmental significance.

Moreover, the Council provides the center with external research grant opportunities and assists in proposal development. It is also responsible for promoting the image of Nigeria through the research platform and establishing partnerships with research individuals, industries, and government agencies.

In addition to researchers, the Committee for Research, Innovation, and Discovery consists of three subdivisions: intellectual property and copyright preservation, the implementation unit, and the research development unit. The intellectual property and copyright preservation division facilitates the process of patenting filed applications, while the research development unit drives the implementation process within the implementation unit.