The former Anglican Primate of the Church of Nigeria

Peter Jasper Akinola is a prominent figure in the Anglican Communion, particularly within the Church of Nigeria. His leadership has been marked by a strong commitment to conservative theological principles, and his influence has extended beyond Nigeria, especially among Anglican conservatives around the world.

Some key aspects of his contributions and leadership:

  1. Theological Stance: As a prominent leader within the Global South of the Anglican Communion, Akinola has been an outspoken advocate for conservative interpretations of Christian doctrine. His opposition to the acceptance of same-sex relationships and non-celibate homosexual clergy within the Anglican Communion has made him a central figure in the debates that have divided the church.
  2. Growth of the Church: Under Akinola’s leadership, the Church of Nigeria experienced significant growth and development. His vision and strategic plans contributed to making the Church of Nigeria one of the most vibrant and rapidly expanding provinces within the Anglican Communion.
  3. Social Engagement: Akinola’s initiatives in areas such as literacy, healthcare, social welfare, and community development reflect a broader commitment to engaging with the social and economic challenges faced by many Nigerians. His efforts in these areas are part of a broader understanding of the church’s mission that goes beyond simply spiritual concerns.
  4. Ecumenical Leadership: As President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Akinola played a significant role in fostering ecumenical relationships among various Christian traditions in Nigeria. Even though his presidency ended amid controversy, his contributions to the ecumenical movement in Nigeria are noteworthy.
  5. Controversial Figure: Akinola’s firm stance on certain issues has also made him a controversial figure in some quarters. His support for legislation criminalizing certain homosexual activities was criticized by some, and his leadership style was questioned by others.
  6. Legacy and Influence: Akinola’s legacy continues to be felt not only in Nigeria but throughout the Anglican Communion. His strong convictions and leadership have shaped the course of the church in ways that will likely continue to be felt for years to come. His launch of the Peter Akinola Foundation ensures that his vision and mission will continue to have an impact even after his retirement.

In sum, Peter Akinola’s influence on the Anglican Church and Christianity in Nigeria is multifaceted and significant. His leadership has been marked by a deep commitment to biblical faithfulness, a passion for evangelism and social engagement, and a willingness to take controversial stands on issues he believed to be of central importance to the faith. His legacy within the Church of Nigeria and the wider Anglican Communion will likely continue to be debated and studied for years to come.


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